Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Preschool Christmas celebration

Today Owen had his preschool Christmas Sing & Celebrate performance and Christmas class party! The Sing & Celebrate was so cute. The music teacher told the story of Christmas and as she did, described the characters and asked for volunteers to play each part. Owen chose to be a shepherd, probably because of the cool prop he got to hold: a candy cane staff. :)

After the story of baby Jesus' birth, the kids all got to pick out bells for "Jingle Bells" and they sang (really they just shook their bells and forgot to sing, but it was still super cute.) A few more songs were sung, and then it was party time!

As room mom I organized the party and delegated tasks to the other moms who offered to help. It all came together nicely in the end, even when I had to scramble to find a solution to the snack problem (we wanted to do snowmen sugar cookies which the kids could decorate and eat, but due to the school allergy policy I couldn't find any that worked so instead we did Rice Krispie Treats cut out with cookie cutters and they frosted and decorated those - HELLO SUGAR RUSH!).

Then the kids played "Pin the Nose on the Snowman" and they had a ball with that. The final activity was creating a snowman printed ornament using their thumbprints. After it was all said and done I realized we should have done the ornament first so that it would have dried before everyone took them home, but it all worked out regardless.

We presented Owen's two wonderful teachers with a gift basket that another one of the moms graciously offered to put together with donations from the class. They loved them and everyone wished each other Merry Christmas as we said goodbye until January. It was a fun way to wrap up preschool for the winter break.

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