Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Mike!

This morning we drove out {in our snazzy rental minivan!} to a farm that Mike & Lindsey like to visit. Owen went into the petting zoo and took pictures of the animals. We picked strawberries and green peppers and then headed home to feed the kids.

Ben made salsa and the boys watched some football while Lindsey and I gave ourselves manicures and the kids napped. Then we piled into the minivan to meet up with Mom, Dad and Grandma {and Uncle Rich and Fran who stopped by for a quick visit!} at The Salt Life Food Shack for Mike's birthday dinner.

We had cake {2 kinds! - both with chocolate} at Mike & Lindsey's house after dinner. Such a fun time celebrating another birthday with my family.

Love you, brother! 
Now we get to be twins for the next month.

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