Saturday, January 12, 2013

The WOW Factory & belated Christmas

Today we went to Mike's new favorite hang-out, The WOW Factory. But before we even had breakfast, Owen was hard at work on this masterpiece:

Then it was off to P-L-A-Y!!!

The kids loved it (once Vivi was finally able to tune out the loud sounds of the ball blasters) and we totally wore them out for the Grandparent's big babysitting adventure.

After dropping off all 3 kiddos at Grandma & Poppy's house, we headed out to lunch and to the movies - the girls saw Les Mis and the guys saw Django. It was a nice treat since we hadn't been to the movies in years (literally).

On the way home we stopped at Pizza Heaven to bring home dinner to the hungry Grandparents and children waiting patiently at home. We all ate together outside at the big wooden table and then went back in to unwrap the presents that Santa had left behind. The kids were so cute tearing through all the gifts. Santa was so good to everyone. Probably the kids favorites were the real kiddie digital cameras, purple for Vivi and green for Owen. They couldn't wait to take pictures like Mommy. It was so cute to watch. Once we download their pictures I'll post some to the blog. Owen is quite the little photographer!

Thank you Mom, Dad, Lindsey and Mike for such a wonderful Christmas. The greatest gift of them all was having the week to spend time together. Grandma being there too was the icing on the cake. :)

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