Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday in FL

(WARNING: picture overload ahead.)

We got to take Max with us this morning since Mike and Lindsey both had to work. We got a tiny taste of what it would have been like if Vivi would have had a twin since those two are only 3 weeks apart.

We had breakfast, then loaded the children up for the drive over to Grandma & Poppy's to go swimming.

Pool time was fun! Owen and Vivi kept Daddy on his toes, while I held onto Max and helped him get used to the water. He laughed at Owen jumping in and landing on his belly. We (obviously) didn't get any photos of them in the water since we had our hands full, but while they munched on snacks I took this pic:

Vivi went "au natural" since I forgot to pack her swimsuit. Luckily, I remembered her swim diaper and diaper cover.

After snacktime, we dried off, changed out of our suits and back into dry clothes, and headed over to Grandma and Poppy's house for lunch and naps. 

The kids all took great naps (even Owen!) and then we hung out with Grandma, Poppy, and GiGi for the rest of the day.

We decided to go to a playground since the weather was so nice. The kids had a BLAST!

This is my attempt at getting a cute shot of the kids laying on the ground with me standing above them:

On the ride home, we all enjoyed Max's skills DJ'ing on his iphone. 

Not sure what was so funny, but these two were having a great time being silly.

Once we got home, Vivian and Max drove the Jeep before dinner. :)

(I'm a little nervous for 14 years from now.)

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