Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Our flight was leaving at 3:15pm, but we wanted Owen to experience a little bit of Christmas at our house before we left. So last night we set up his big gift ~ a miniature table and chairs. It's just the perfect size for him and a friend!

He went to sleep last night in his new Christmas jammies, and when he woke up we rushed downstairs to show him that Santa had come early to our house! He immediately ran up to the chair and climbed on up. He sat in his chair like a big boy! He went from one chair to the other with a huge smile on his face. We let him open one present ~ a few books that were wrapped together.

He LOVES the table and chairs! We had to tear him away after awhile so that we could feed him breakfast and pack up. He cried when I tried to put him in his highchair, so I gave in and decided to give him breakfast at his new table. He had so much fun! I think Santa made a good choice in giving Owen the table and chairs. :)

We got to the airport in plenty of time to park the car and check in. We made our way to our gate and stopped at Harry's Tap Room for a quick bite to eat before our flight.

The flight went by quickly with Owen sleeping for about 45 minutes mid-flight. We landed early and met Grandma and Grandpa Killi after we picked up our bags. It was off to Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Mike's house for Christmas Eve dinner.

Their beautiful Christmas tree & stockings:

Lindsey and Mike made chili, cornbread and salad, and everything was delicious. We gave Owen a bath and put him to bed. Then it was time for dessert. Lindsey made an amazing banana cream cheesecake which was enjoyed by everyone. Aunt Lindsey volunteered to babysit while the rest of us headed to Christmas Eve mass at Mike's church. It was a lovely service but we were definitely exhausted by the time we got back to Mike & Lindsey's house. Santa is on his way!

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