Saturday, December 12, 2009

Owen visits Santa

Our Homeowner's Association puts on a really nice (free) "Morning with Santa & Mrs. Claus" every year. Last year we waited in line for two hours just to get one minute with Santa and a couple of cute pictures. It was all worth it.

This year, we had a plan. Ben left our house at 8:15am to get in line so that we wouldn't have to wait all morning. The plan worked like a charm. He was about 5 families back in line and we only waited about 35 minutes until we got to (torture) sit Owen on Santa's lap.

While waiting our turn, Santa's elves had set up a table with paper and crayons so the kids could draw pictures for Santa. Owen got in on the action with the big kids:

Before we knew it, it was our turn. Yes, we did anticipate this. It's one of those moments that I think every kid goes through when they are little. Thankfully for the little man, it only lasted about 45 seconds.

Once he (stopped crying) regained his composure and had a cookie, we thought we'd try Mrs. Claus. Nope. He wasn't interested.

Then it was Mommy's turn for a picture by the tree with Owen:

We then headed home for some milk and a well-deserved nap. For both Owen and the parents. I think I like the Bath Santa pictures better.

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Maureen Gribble said...

poor guy!! But too cute!! Hey, random question--where did you get Owen's sweater he wore in last year's christmas photo!? I LOVE it!