Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mister Independent

Just this week Owen has started to assert his independence. Before this week he would grab a book and crawl into your lap to be read a story. Now, he grabs a book and climbs into his chair at his little table and reads himself a story! And if you try to get him to sit in your lap so you can read to him, he won't have it. This makes me a little sad. I hope it is just a phase.

The other thing that he's started to do on his own is brush his teeth at night. I'll start the process, but he'll quickly start yelling so that I hand over the toothbrush to him. I have to help of course, but he's getting the hang of it.

My baby is growing up too fast!!!

Here are some pictures from today. We didn't stay outside for that long because it was pretty cold.

Owen decided to take his shoe off.

I said, "Owen, put your shoe back on your foot." This is what he did.

The drool never ends. (Hopefully someday!)

We'd like to send a shout out to Uncle Mike who is the big 3-0 today! Happy Birthday Mike!!!

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