Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

2009 was an amazing year for us. Though not by choice, we were incredibly lucky to be able to afford for me to stay home with Owen. Our baby boy grew so fast in twelve months. Here are the month-by-month highlights of our year:

January ~ Owen started eating solids and got to play in the snow for the first time.

February ~ We celebrated GiGi's 85th Birthday in Hershey.

March ~ We took Owen to the playground for his first ride in a swing.

April ~ We traveled to Florida for the second time and went to Disney with Grandma and Grandpa Killi, Uncle Mike and Aunt Lindsey; drove down to Richmond for a wine festival with Hershey friends, and Great Grandma Marshall came to visit from Wisconsin. (It was a busy month!)

May ~ My first Mother's Day and Owen feeds himself for the very first time!

June ~ Owen enjoys his froggy pool, Ben's first Father's Day, and Owen crawls for the first time ON Father's Day!

July ~ We take Owen to the beach for the first time, Owen meets Tim, Andrea and Olivia when we celebrate 4th of July with them in WV, Grandma Marshall takes Owen and I into DC to see the museums, Steph and I take Sarah Catherine and Owen to a Splash Park in MD and last but not least, Owen said "MAMA" for the first time!

August ~ Ben's Uncle Doug and Aunt Di come to visit from WI and we went boating, Owen starts taking baths in the tub (vs his baby tub), Ben and I borrow his parent's boat and go boating with Greg and Erica, Owen and I go down to FL (his 3rd trip there) and go to the beach while Ben goes to CA with Uncle Mike for the WOW conference, Ben and I celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary!

September ~ Owen starts walking on his birthday, we celebrate his first year with a little party, and Owen has his 1-year well baby checkup.

October ~ We fly with Grandma and Grandpa Marshall to Chicago for Ben's cousin's Bat Mitzvah, and we celebrate Owen's 2nd Halloween at the Deputy's Halloween party.

November ~ We attend Owen's 2nd Pre-Thanksgiving dinner party at the Gribble's and have a wonderful actual Thanksgiving at home with Grandma & Grandpa Marshall.

December ~ Owen meets Santa for the 2nd time, we drove to Hershey with Aunt Hillary to have an early Christmas with GiGi, just in time for the Blizzard of 2009, Owen received a cool sled from Grandma & Grandpa Marshall, and we flew to Florida for Christmas.

We are so incredibly blessed and are so grateful for our family and friends who make each day so special. We look forward to the coming year and can't wait to see what 2010 has in store for us! Happy New Year everyone!

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