Thursday, January 14, 2010

Owen is signing!

I had tried Baby Sign Language with Owen when he was around 6 months old, but didn't stick with it very long. Out of curiosity, I reintroduced it to him and he picked it up right away!

He's only doing two right now ~ eat and more. It's so cute!

I'm trying to catch it on video. Maybe tonight during dinner. Stay tuned!

1/15/10 - UPDATE: I shot this video this morning at breakfast. After he ate, he was able to (with prompting) sign for milk! (Unfortunately, my camera battery was dead, so I couldn't get it on camera. Next time, definitely.) YAY for baby signs!

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Cara Terreri said...

Signing is awesome... I encourage you to keep it up! I did it with both boys and it was so helpful, especially with Evan who took longer to talk. There is a Baby Einstein DVD out there that's all about signing... Evan loved watching it.