Saturday, January 9, 2010

Talking up a storm lately

Owen is constantly amazing us with his ever-expanding vocabulary. So far he says the following words:

~ truck
~ bus
~ cheese (his favorite food)
~ shoes
~ socks
~ light
~ ears
~ boom
~ ma (his word for milk)
~ Da for Ben (he doesn't quite know ma-ma yet for me) :(

He understands a ton more words, but those are the ones he actually says on a regular basis.

Tonight he added another word to this list. I came home from church to see Owen covered in mac 'n cheese. Daddy's attempt at feeding him resulted in most of the macaroni stuck between Owen and his highchair. It was his bedtime, so I said to Owen, "Are you read to go take a bath?". He looked right at me and said, "bath?". It was beyond cute.

We made several attempts to capture him saying it in a video clip, but were not successful. Hopefully we'll be able to catch the next word since new ones are coming out of his mouth every day!

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