Friday, January 22, 2010

Playground tease and first big tantrum

Ben got home from work a little early, so he had the brilliant idea that we should take Owen to the park for some fresh air. We packed up and headed out. Once there we were greeted by a completely empty playground.

We had forgotten Owen's hat and mittens, and I had neglected to bundle him up since we were in a rush to get out the door. So we put up his hood to try to keep his little head warm.

After about 15 minutes we were all freezing (no wonder no one else was there!), so Ben and I made the executive decision to head home. Owen was not very happy about this decision. He reluctantly walked back to the car holding Ben's hand, but the minute we tried to get him into his carseat, the screaming cries started. It was a long 5-minute drive home. The terrible 2's have decided to emerge and we're only at 16 months folks.

Luckily, the second we got home, Owen turned back into our sweet, smiling, happy little boy and began playing with his toys.

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RipleyVT said...

Is this over at Trailside? That's right next to our house! Pretty soon he'll have a little girlfriend to play with over there!