Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Owen's first dentist appointment

A friend I met at a local Mommy's group recommended a dentist to us, so given the fact that Owen has all of his baby teeth now and is still drooling, I thought I'd schedule an appointment for him to find out when the spit will stop oozing from his mouth.

He had fun in the waiting room looking at the "shish" in the fish tank and coloring at the kiddie table with the other kids. Then it was time to see the doctor. (I didn't take a picture of him with the other kids for fear the other moms might think I was weird.)

Despite the way she was very nice and gentle with Owen, he still screamed the entire time she was looking at his teeth. (Maybe his lip injury was still bothering him?) She said everything looks good and he only sustained a teeny tiny chip on one of his front teeth. The dentist informed us that the tooth may turn a color (brown, black, grey) because of the trauma, and if it does we need to bring him back in for an x-ray. But overall his teeth look great.

She said that since he got all of his teeth early, he'll probably get his 2-year molars soon. And after that, the drooling should stop. COME ON OUT 2-yr MOLARS!!! I'm so tired of going through 5 bibs a day!

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