Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July Festival

Today we went to our local Rec Center's 4th of July Celebration. There were pony rides, a tractor ride, face painting, and crafts and other activities for the kids. We skipped the pony ride for fear of waiting in a really long line and having Owen cry when we put him on the pony. He's probably not old enough yet. Instead we admired the ponies from a distance while waiting in line for the tractor ride. It was a long hot ride but Owen had fun and that's all that mattered.

After the tractor ride, we grabbed lunch at a shady picnic table and took some time to cool off. Then we explored one of the cabins which was filled with fun things to explore like sea shells, starfish, and a stuffed squirrel which Owen was fascinated by. There also was a small sand table that had animal footprint things so you could make animal tracks in the sand.

Before we headed home we stopped at the face-painting station so Owen could get painted. He got a fireworks burst for the occasion. He sat still the entire time (only about a minute). It was Mommy's favorite part of the day. :)

On a side note, Owen has started talking in four-word sentences. This morning when playing with his Little People car garage, he said, "Sit down right here." several times to get Ben or I to sit and play with him.

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