Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday is my regular playdate with my girlfriend

We had another fun visit with Steph and Sarah Catherine today. We got to see Sarah Catherine's big girl room and the baby's nursery ~ both of which are gorgeous! The kiddos then enjoyed Sarah Catherine's water table and kiddie pool out on the deck before lunch. They both did a great job eating the lunch Steph prepared for them at Sarah Catherine's little table. Owen had a ball pushing around Sarah Catherine's babydoll stroller and playing with her tea kettle. Then it was the mommy's turn to have lunch and the kids played. We had to unfortunately make a quick exit due to a huge thunderstorm that was very quickly approaching, but we were able to give hugs and then run out to the car before the rain actually started. Owen took a great nap when we got home. He was worn out from all the excitement!

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