Friday, July 9, 2010

Hanging with Poppy

My mom went up to Long Island with my Grandma and Aunt Barbara for Uncle Marty's flower shop opening party, so Owen and I spent the rest of the weekend with my dad.

When Owen woke up I had him hold Teddy so I could get a picture:

Owen was still half-asleep. After breakfast, we all got ready and decided to go up to the Hotel Hershey to walk around and see all the recent upgrades. We saw the new pool and water slides, played on the playground, saw the new cabins, walked around the gardens and in the middle of all that stopped inside to cool off.

After all the walking around, Poppy treated us to lunch at Mr. Sorrento's. Owen just loved the pizza. Then it was home for his nap and a nap for me as well.

We had dinner at home and then went out to Bruster's for ice cream. After he had his fill of my lemon ice and Poppy's chocolate ice cream, we went home to give Owen a bath and put him to bed so I could go listen to the Dave Matthews concert with my friend Amy and her boyfriend Matt.

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