Sunday, April 29, 2012

Feeding the ducks at the bridge

There is this place which Owen and Ben refer to as "The Bridge". I knew it as a place where Ben would take Owen sometimes on the weekends, usually after a trip to Home Depot or the grocery store, as a way to tire him out before his nap. I thought it might be their little secret, but this weekend they let us girls in on the fun. 

After dinner tonight, we decided to take the last two pieces of bread to the bridge to feed the ducks. I have fond memories of feeding the ducks with my parents and my Grandma at the Hershey Lodge after church some Sundays, so for me this was such a fun thing to do together as a family. 

The bridge is actually a wildlife preserve that was built by a home builder in our town as a way to set aside land for the animals. It's a long wooden pathway over a swamp area, and there are tons of birds that fly all around. At the end of the walkway, there is a small watching area with benches over the water where you can see geese and ducks. There was a mama duck and her ten little ducklings there which we fed the bread. We also saw a bunch of turtles and some turtle babies. The kids had fun and we definitely did the job of wearing them out before bedtime, as they both fell asleep very easily tonight, which is always a plus.

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