Sunday, April 22, 2012

Loudoun Valley Vineyards

This morning was gorgeous, so we packed a picnic again and headed over to Loudoun Valley Vineyards to meet up with Molly, Tim, Nate and Drew. We stopped at a Farmer's Market stand on the way and bought sweet corn, radishes, and tomatoes. We also had time to stop at a small winery that sells fresh eggs. {Tried the eggs for dinner and they were AMAZING! So different than grocery store eggs.}

We got to the winery just in time - right when it opened - and enjoyed having the place to ourselves for an hour before the party bus arrived. Nothing like a group of thiry 20-somethings who were already happy before they got there. :)

We got to admire their circus tricks as you can see from these pics:

Vivian supervised Drew's nap. {Love me some baby rolls.}

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