Saturday, April 14, 2012

Old friends are the best

"We will be friends until forever, just you wait and see."
~ Winnie the Pooh

Even though it had been a few years {and two kids less} since we all were together, it was as if we hadn't missed a beat. Yesterday afternoon the Hertels arrived at our house for a two-day visit and we were all so happy to have the chance to spend time together.

We kicked off the weekend with happy hour at our house. The kids took turns on the slide. We had cheese and crackers. We explored the big tree area. The kids took turns blowing bubbles and popping them. Vivi was smitten with Tim from the time they arrived. It was so cute.

Then it was time for dinner. An early dinner at Clyde's on the patio was just perfect. We had a nice big table on the perimeter of the patio so that we could enjoy the weather and the kiddos wouldn't disturb {too many} people around us.

The food was delish, the company was divine, and we were swiftly approaching the bedtime hour. Amen for that.

Upon arriving back at home, we tossed all four kiddos into the big tub, poured in some bubble stuff and toys and they had a ball getting clean.

Finally it was the most wonderful time of every parent's day: bed time. :) We read Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site together in Owen's room and then it was time to say night-night. Owen was pretty crushed that Olivia didn't want to bunk next to him in his room, big tears and all, but he recovered pretty quick. The kids fell asleep easily and then it was our turn to really relax and catch up.

We made some yummy drinks {marshmallow vodka, anyone?} and pulled out the old board games. Several rounds of Cranium later and we were all ready to call it a night since we had to be up early the next day. {Our Cranium clay had sprouted salt crystals, so we used Owen's playdough instead}

This morning started out with yummy waffles made in our heart waffle iron, fresh fruit, milk for the kiddos, and coffee for the sleepy parents. We made it out of the house around 9ish, in time to see the parade as we walked into the Natural History Museum.

We opted to skip the parade in favor of beating the crowds at the museum, and after we left we realized what a good decision that was. The kids had so much fun running around checking out all the exhibits.

We headed over to the Air & Space museum next, and were planning on getting lunch in the food court there. But since the weather was so beautiful, we decided to grab McDonald's at the food stand right outside the building so we didn't have to fight the lunch crowd and more importantly, so we could enjoy the sunshine.

After lunch we took a stroll around the first floor of the Air & Space museum before the kids started to fade fast. We headed home to take naps and rest before dinner.

Ben made pizza {two ways} on the grill and I threw together a salad. The kids were so tired from all the excitement today that they went to bed so easily right after we ate.

Then it was time for game night, round 2.

See all those red chips? Ah, yeah. That would be how Andrea dominated Domination.

Such a fun day! We're sad to have to say goodbye tomorrow. :(

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Mom/Grandma/Marti said...

Great pictures!! Looks like EVERYONE had a wonderful time!!!