Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pots & Pans and help with socks

I've never been a fan of letting the kids play with the pots and pans while I'm doing stuff in the kitchen. So much banging and racket - you know how delicate my ears are people. I much prefer plopping them down in front of the TV for an educational program like Super Why. 

But today I was feeling nostalgic, and while I was washing the juicer parts, I turned my head to find Vivian taking out my pots and pans, just like Mike and I used to do when we were kids. I let her play until my ears were bleeding, then told the kids to get their shoes on so I could take them to the library.

Next thing I knew, I hear Owen saying, "Here Vivi, here's your sock," as she lifted her foot for him to put it on. Had to grab the ipad to take an Instagram. :-)

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