Saturday, July 28, 2012

Boat picnic & grill pizza

This morning we drove out to meet up with Curt & Tish at the boat for a picnic. We had a little engine trouble with the boat, so it was a short ride, but a fun one nonetheless! Then we all went down below for some A/C and lunch. It was a pretty day on the water and even though we didn't get to take the boat out very far, we still all enjoyed the afternoon.

Once we got back to Ashburn, we decided to check out the Lost Rhino brewery since we had heard great things about it. They even had a kiddie area with toys and books! Vivi tried to hulahoop. :)

We got a flight and tasted a bunch of yummy brews. The menu looks awesome too, but we had pizza on the grill planned, so we headed home to have dinner. Definitely a spot we'll go back to. Alex got us a growler to take home, so we'll need to get it refilled. :) Thanks Alex!

It was such a fun weekend!!

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