Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 2 ~ perfect beach weather

I woke up early and enjoyed a nice little jog on the beach this morning while Ben watched the kiddos and cooked up some 7-grain pancakes for everyone.

Then while Molly and I got the kids ready for the beach, boys went down to set up our shade tent. They picked a great spot.

We had such an amazing day playing in the sand, enjoying the sun {and shade}, and relaxing.

Tonight was our night to go out to dinner and we were right across the street from Dead Freddie's, so we decided to try it. Owen and Vivian enjoyed fought over the ipad while the rest of us finished up getting ready.

It was an awesome restaurant, which turned out to be worth the long wait. The kids loved the outdoor playground, and we were able to grab a cold drink at the bar before our table was ready. The food was really good, and the kids were well-behaved, so that was nice. 
When we got back to the condo, I asked Ben to take a few pictures of me and Vivi on the balcony.

I loved this one he snapped of our hair. Her curls were so springy since it was so humid. 

After he got some, I wanted a few of baby girl with her Daddy. She wasn't that interested. Poor Daddy. :(

Kiddos were all ready for bed when we got home from the restaurant, so off to bed they went and then it was game night for us grown-ups. Molly and Ben were excited to play Tripoly, but I didn't quite catch on too well, so we ended up turning in after only one round. Had some laughs about it though. :) We agreed to try Domination the next night.

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