Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First day of Preschool

Owen started preschool today at Little Sprouts! Since I'm staying home for now, we knew we wanted Owen to have some sort of preschool experience this year since he loves the socialization and enjoys learning. So I found an awesome in-home preschool really close to home which is the perfect size with great teachers and it's very affordable. We signed him up back in June to reserve his spot for fall, and this summer he went to summer camp one day a week there which got him excited about going back to start school.

He has school on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9am-12pm and then he goes to "Mom's Morning Out" on Wednesdays at the same time. I wanted to give him consistency in his schedule instead of having one day on and one day off, since he seems to do much better with routine. Plus, it gives me a few hours of one-on-one time with Vivian which is really nice.

Each week they do a different letter of the alphabet and on Thursdays the kids bring in an item from home that starts with that letter to share with the class. They do tracing letters, sing songs, play games, and read stories. He is in heaven. I'm excited about it because Miss Karlene only does one class per school year and then follows them until they leave for Kindergarten. She has 8 kids in the class of 3-yr olds, and next year she'll do a 4-yr old class. I can't believe he'll be starting Kindergarten in 2 years. He's growing up too fast!

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