Thursday, September 8, 2011

Heading home

This morning we were up at the crack of dawn to drive from Sonoma to SFO for our flight home. It was neat seeing the fog over the valley and then seeing the orange sun pop up. I snapped some pictures on the way to the airport.
We made it in plenty of time to drop off the rental, check in (the baggage check guys got a 5-pack of craft beer courtesy of Ben since our bag was overweight), go through security, get to the gate and grab breakfast and books for the flight.

The flight actually went by pretty quick. We landed around ten of seven and took the train over to baggage claim. Amazingly our three bottles of wine which were in one of our checked bags wrapped in teeshirts and jeans, made it safely to VA. YAY! Luckily there was no wait for a cab and we were home around 7:45pm. Ben's mom had taken over babysitting duties for my parents so they could head back to Hershey in order to pack up for their Alaska cruise leaving Saturday (their 40th anniversary present to each other). Vivian was already sleeping, but Owen was wide awake after having taken a 3-hour nap earlier today. We were so glad because it gave us a couple of hours to hang out with him before he had to go to bed.

We want to thank Grandma Killi and Poppy for babysitting this week so that we could make the trip, and Grandma Marshall for her help this evening. Without you guys this vacation would not have been possible. It was a nice little break and a fun way for Ben and I to celebrate our 8-yr anniversary. Thank you!!!

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