Sunday, September 18, 2011

Owen's 3rd Birthday party!

Our little man turns 3 years old tomorrow! We wanted to have his party on the weekend so that our friends and family could join us, so we had the shin-dig today at one of Owen's favorite places: Frying Pan Farm in Herndon.

The party was a hit! I was a little stressed during, as we had to time things just right for the hay ride and the merry-go-round, not to mention the fact that I only packed enough plates for pizza and not cake (thank you to my wonderful husband for running out to the closest store to grab some!), but everything ended up coming together and I think everyone had a really fun time. My mom made him an adorable blue shirt with a #3 racecar on it which he LOVED wearing. And if you asked him how old he was, his response was/is: "Three in September!". :) Now that the day has come and he really is 3, I'm working on teaching him, "I'm 3 years old!". Ha!

My only regret was that we did not get a family picture. :( I was too busy running around orchestrating things that I completely forgot. Talk about mommy guilt. His past two birthdays we've taken lots of pictures, but it just didn't happen this year. Lesson learned. Here are some of the great pics I did take and love:

Thank you to all our friends and family for coming to Owen's birthday party and for all the fun gifts! You made Owen's day super special!

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abruscia said...

I cannot believe he is three! Where has the time gone? Side note, great job on the cake pops. They look yummy :)