Monday, March 12, 2012

15-month check-up

Vivian had her 15-mo well visit today. She was so brave for her 3 shots and only cried for a minute. The doc said she scored lowest on the verbal skills part of the assessment (they have this new online survey you take before the appointment so the doctor can review it with you during the visit and you can email them any questions or concerns ahead of time.) but that she's not concerned about it given her ability to communicate with signs so far.

Here are her stats:

Weight - 23 pounds, 2 oz (upper 50%)
Length - 31" (50-75%)
Head - 19' (95%)

She lost a little weight since her last visit, but the doc said it was fine. We're due back in 3 months for the happy 18-mo visit where there are no shots involved. :)

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