Saturday, March 24, 2012

Consignment sale heaven

This morning was my favorite consignment sale of the season. I volunteered last night from 5-8pm in order to get an early shopping pass. I like the shift I picked (and have done for the past two years) because it's the drop-off quality control shift and I get to see the merchandise as it comes in. I make mental notes as to what I want to look for in the morning. Someone dropped off a Skuut balance bike and had it priced at $5!!

Here's a shot from when I was sorting through the clothes I picked out before paying. It's early yet (7:35am, when I got in at 6:30am), so there aren't many shoppers yet.

I ended up getting Owen's entire summer wardrobe, 3 pairs of shoes for each of the kids (that actually fit them, believe it or not!) 3 swim suits for him, a few toys, an armful of books, a kiddie beach chair, a sunhat for each of them, and probably a few other things I am forgetting, but it all was only $130!

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