Sunday, March 11, 2012

Heavenly weekend

Despite losing an hour to daylight savings time, our weekend was awesome. We hung out at home all weekend long. Got a few things crossed off our to-do list. Baked some chocolate-chip banana bread and sewed a few ribbon burp cloths for our new neighbor who just had a baby girl last week. Went to church this morning. Cut some fresh daffodils from the backyard. Snuggled in bed {all four of us yesterday morning}. And basically just enjoyed being home together as a family.

The weather was beautiful too - sunny and warm for March. Vivi even wore a sleeveless top to the playground today. I just wanted to bite her chubby little arms. Don't you?

But I'll settle for a kiss on those juicy red lips.

Why do the weekends always go so gosh darn fast?

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