Saturday, March 3, 2012

Richmond playdate

Sarah and Mark hosted an awesome playdate today in Richmond. We intended to get on the road by 8am, but struggled to get out the door on time and ended up an hour late because of that (and an unplanned, yet not surprising, potty {peepee accident} pit stop at a Micky D's on the way.

Everyone greeted us at the door as soon as we arrived. We were so excited to catch up with the Colombells clan and to congratulate Sarah and Mark in person on the pregnancy announcement of Baby Bradby #2 arriving in June!

We took a tour of Sarah and Mark's new house {it is GORGEOUS by the way!} and the kids took turns driving around Timothy's Lightning McQueen racecar and Thomas trike.

There was breakfast pizza, fruit and cream cheese dip, homemade sticky monkey bread, Bloody Mary's and coffee ~ it was the perfect brunch menu. I brought along some zucchini bread that I made last night and we ate, drank, and caught up amid the chaos of two 1-yr olds, two almost 2-yr olds, a 3 yr-old and a 4-yr old. :) It was happy
commotion and we loved it. The kids played really well together and we all had fun visiting for a few hours before we called it a day so the kiddos could nap.

Looking forward to our next one already. Hopefully before the new baby makes his/her grand entrance!

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