Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fire station field trip

Owen's class talked about fire safety this week, and to finish up the week, we took a field trip to a nearby fire station. Owen was so excited and Vivi even got to participate too.

It was neat that they had a fireman put on all his gear (including oxygen mask) and asked the kids to go up and give him a high-five. {I wasn't able to get a picture of it because I was explaining what was going on to Owen & Vivi} But, I learned that they do this to show kids what a fireman looks like when he's helping to save you during a fire - so they don't get scared and not want to go to him in an emergency. One little girl was so scared, she was screaming and her mom had to take her out of the room. Vivi cried for a minute, but then thought it was fun to give him a high-five. That's my girl!

They got to climb into the fire truck, take a tour of the fire house, and were sent home with their very own fireman helmet. Such a fun morning!

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