Friday, June 8, 2012

Broadlands Live ~ take 2

The grandparents opted out of the concert, so we left them at home while we packed up some munchies and drinks to enjoy while listening to the music. This week we picked a perfect spot on the left side where we could see the big kids on the playground from the comfort of our picnic blanket. We randomly ended up sitting right in front of my friend who I met while recruiting at Patch! It was fun catching up with her and introducing her and her husband to the kids since she's heard me talk so much about them.

I didn't get any pictures of Owen, but if you look closely at the one Kayla is in, you can see his orange tee shirt behind her left shoulder. He was on "repeat" all night: climb up the ladder, slide down the fireman's pole. He'd do it ten times {or more!} and then run up the hill to ask us if we saw him. So cute and such a wonderful activity for wearing out your preschooler before bed! :)

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