Friday, June 8, 2012

The Playseum in Bethesda

This morning we took the kids to the Playseum in Bethesda for something new and different. It's a children's new and used bookstore which has been converted into a bunch of different rooms for the kids to explore and play in. There was an "Eastern Shore" room with a sand box and crabs on the wall, connected via tunnel to a fire engine room that had fire jackets and hats and a mini fire truck, and a beauty salon where girls can get their nails done or make lip balm, and also a pet shop and grocery store to go shopping.

Owen and Vivian had a ball, but unfortunately I wasn't able to get many pictures because I forgot to charge my camera before we left the house. I did get this one cute shot of Grandma & Vivi before we went in though:

After the museum, we ate lunch at a Cosi in downtown Bethesda and then walked around to check out the shops. We were drawn into a toy store and Grandma picked out a board game for the kids and two tracing travel games which we'll take on our beach trip in August.

Then it was over to Rockville to visit with a good friend of ours and his two grandsons. It was so fun to see the kids interact, especially Vivi trying to hold her own with the three boys throwing the football and tennis balls around. Dave's younger son JP who is three weeks younger than Vivi, went over and gave her a kiss on the cheek at one point ~ completely un-prompted. It was so cute! Such a fun afternoon and the kids took great naps on the way home to top it off.

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