Monday, June 11, 2012

Mr. Knicknack with Neil from preschool

Owen started talking about his buddy Neil during the second half of his preschool year at Little Sprouts. Except, he couldn't exactly pronounce his name right, so it sounded like "Meal". I asked his teacher one day in February if there was a kid named "Meal" in his class, and she said no, but there was a "Neil" and she was certain that's who Owen was referring to.

We talked about Neil and how they loved playing together. Neil only went to the Mom's Morning Out program that Owen did on Wednesdays, but they would always play together on that day each week. His teacher said they had a "love/hate" relationship because they would play so well together, but sometimes could fight like puppies. I found it interesting that Owen gravitated towards a friend who is a whole year younger, but it's so cute that they talk about each other after school {Neil's mommy said that he talked about Owen just as Owen talked about Neil}.

So when we were at Mr. Knicknack last week, we were so excited when we bumped into Neil and his mommy and new baby brother Nathan! His mom and I decided to try to meet up there again this week and the weather was perfect today so we got to hang out and see the kids play together. We're going to try for another playdate next week too. Vivi even had fun trying to do what they were doing {pulling flowers out of the decorative pots ~ oops!}.

We've been working on his pronunciation of his buddy's name, and these days he says it the right way about 75% of the time. Luckily, it doesn't seem to bother Neil one bit. :)

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