Thursday, May 10, 2012

At 17 months

She was catching up on some blog reading. Always wants to be just like Mama. :)

Realized the other day that I haven't done a post lately on what the little lady has been up to lately. There are some things that I want to document so that I can always remember what she was like at this age. Such as:

  • Been teething up a storm lately. Her teeth seem to be so slow to come down/up fully, and we find they bother her most first thing in the morning and the middle of the night or bedtime. Hoping they all finish coming in soon.
  • LOVES her swim class. She's been going since January, and her class has grown from a private lesson to now five other babies and moms/dads, so it's fun to see her interact with her friends during the 30 minute group class. 
  • Is SUPER-DUPER independent these days. Insists on walking everywhere rather than riding in her stroller. Is very good with her utensils at mealtime and is a rock-star eater {if you couldn't tell by her rolls} :) who rarely refuses any type of food offered to her. Her brother had similar eating habits at this age, and has turned into a pretty picky eater over the last 6 months, so I'm not holding my breath that it will continue forever. Just enjoying it while it lasts.
  • Goes to sleep every night with her pink giraffe lovie {from my cousin Brett and his wife Tara} and paci, and has recently also become attached to her green frog lovie {which my good friend Wendy sent to us} so she now has two just like her big brother. I noticed a few months ago while watching her on the monitor after I had put her to bed in her crib, that she uses her lovie to soothe her to sleep {and also in the morning when she wakes up, I found out} by taking a corner knot and gently tracing it up and down her cheeks. It is the sweetest thing I have ever seen and I think it's just precious that she is as attached to her lovies as I was to my Snoopy bear when I was a toddler. {Did you see that picture that Mike posted on FB this week?}
  • She signed "mama" and pointed to her chin this morning when I was changing her. I melted. She's said mama randomly, but never did the sign while saying it, and never really even did the sign although she signs "Daddy" all the time.
  • Loves her big brother so much and even though he can be a little rough with her when she takes a toy he's playing with or knocks down a tower he's built, they make up quickly and it is adorable to see the two of them hug. Her favorite game to play with him is "ring around the rosey". 
My baby girl is growing up so quickly these days. Each week she's doing/saying new things. Wish I could keep her a baby forever, but I'm eager to hear her voice more often and have conversations with her like we do with Owen.

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