Friday, May 25, 2012

Sleepy baby

Said goodbye to Great Grandma Marshall, Uncle Doug and Aunt Diana today and headed back to Minneapolis. We stopped about an hour into the drive to swap mini vans at Enterprise since the one we were driving got a huge crack in the windshield when a rock from a truck hit it on drive from the airport. Ben was happy because the new van we were given had Sirius radio. Score!

The kids did well on the drive and we got checked into the hotel without much trouble. We took them swimming at the hotel pool and then gave them a nice warm bath before getting ready for the family dinner gathering at a nearby brewery.

We ran into Aunt Elaine and Uncle Pete on the way out of the hotel, and Ben told them we were walking since it was nearby. We walked over and got seated, but then quickly discovered that we were at the wrong restaurant. Oops!

After the walk back to the hotel, Uncle Pete graciously offered to drive us to the correct restaurant. Poor kiddos were starving at this point, and Vivi was not happy that I was holding her on my lap during the drive, so she proceeded to scream and flail around the entire 10 minutes it took to get there. I felt so bad for Uncle Peter who was trying to navigate. But we made it. Ben and I ordered the first round as a "thank you" for what we had just put them through. :)

The dinner was so fun. The kids did great since we had ordered their meals right when we arrived. The rest of the time they just scooted about from family member to family member, visiting with everyone. They were exhausted by the time we got back to the hotel. Vivian was out cold:

Such a fun evening with family. Can't wait for the rehearsal picnic and wedding on Sunday!

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