Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Off to the mid-west!

I've posted all the pictures from our trip here: - for the blog posts from the trip I'm just going to post a few pictures (since there were so many good ones, this makes it easier).

We got up bright and early this morning to catch our 8:10am flight to Minneapolis. The kids did well on the flight and we got to our mini-van by 10:30am. Ben installed a car seat for Vivian and we set out on the 4-hr drive to Hillsboro. We stopped on the way at a Chipotle for lunch and then were able to drive the rest of the way without stopping.

We arrived at Ben's Uncle Doug and Aunt Diana's house and the kids were drawn right away to the toy cows they had on the shelf in the family room. After catching up for a little, we went over to visit Ben's grandma at the assisted living home. She was so happy to see us and it was so nice to see her too! We all went out to dinner and then pretty much went straight to bed since we were all exhausted from the day of traveling. Owen had a big day ahead of him ~ he was going to drive Uncle Doug's tractors the next day!

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