Sunday, May 27, 2012

Evie & David's Wedding

Such a gorgeous day for a wedding!!! Sunny and warm, we relaxed all day with a nice family breakfast with Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Hillary across the street, followed by some swimming at the hotel pool. The kids took excellent naps, and we had some Panera for lunch before getting ready for the wedding.

Owen had fun launching himself into Daddy's arms:

It was hot during the ceremony, but they kept it short and sweet and it was lovely and so romantic. Evie's Aunt Susan celebrated the marriage, and David {along with his brother} sang a special song  to his new bride at the conclusion. Evie was a stunning bride in her white gown and flowers in her hair, with the lake in the background: everything was just perfect.

After the ceremony, we took some family photos, and then hung out at the playground and fountain for a little before walking across the street to the reception restaurant.

The food was amazing {Vivian ate like a champ ~ hello, 18-mo growth spurt!!}, the speeches were tear-jerking, the conversation flowed, and we all had so much fun. We were able to stay for one dance, but unfortunately, Owen and Vivian began dancing together {bottom left corner of the last collage}, and with one quick spin around, Owen let go of his sister's hands and she took a tumble on the dance floor. That was our cue to say goodnight. 

Congratulations to the beautiful bride and her handsome groom! We had a blast celebrating with you!!

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