Friday, September 7, 2012

First day of Preschool!

Owen had his first day of preschool today. First, to start off the day, Vivi needed a trip to the pediatrician since she woke up sounding like Darth Vader. So Mommy was with her at the doctor until 8:30am while Daddy stayed home from work with Owen.

Once she had her meds, she definitely started feeling better. We took Owen to get a haircut so that he'd look sharp for his first day. Then we had to run to Mommy's eye doctor for a quick follow-up visit. We rushed home for lunch and then packed up Owen's backpack and took some pictures before heading out for his big first day.

He had a great first day! It was also Grandma's birthday! We had a chance to talk with her at the end of the day to wish her a Happy Birthday and look forward to celebrating with her soon when she and Poppy come to our house for Owen's birthday.

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