Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Owen!

This morning we had special birthday chocolate chip pancakes with sprinkles!

Followed by Mom's Morning Out at The Zoo, lunch, and then preschool in the afternoon when Mommy (and Vivian) got to come in at the end to read one of Owen's favorite books to his class. (They don't do birthday treats anymore in school because so many kids have food allergies. Boo! But it was fun sharing a book with his class.)

When Daddy got home from work, he was excited to give Owen his birthday surprise from us. He forgot to wrap it, but Owen didn't seem to mind. Just meant he got to see what it was that much faster:

Happy Birthday, Mister Owen. We love you to the moon and back (not sure your rocket will make it that far, but here's to hoping).

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