Tuesday, September 4, 2012

From okay to not so okay

After cupcakes, Owen relaxed on the couch watching some shows on TV. Vivi had woken up from her nap and she and I were playing when I noticed he had fallen asleep. I let him nap while Viv and I read some books. But he woke up suddenly a few minutes later and was coughing pretty bad. He was able to catch his breath, and when I felt his forehead I knew right away that his fever had come back.

I gave him a dose of Children's Motrin and set him up to do a breathing treatment. Vivi climbed up onto the couch to keep her big brother company. He finished the treatment, but a few minutes later another coughing fit came on and he couldn't catch his breath. It was awful. I raced him upstairs carrying Vivi on my hip. I started the shower in the kid's bathroom and put Vivi in her crib while I tried to calm Owen down. The bathroom steamed up pretty fast and he was able to breathe better, but the pediatrician still wanted us to come in since his throat sounded so closed up. 

A few minutes later we were at the doctor's office. She said he's got croup and put him on a 3-day steroid to help his throat open up. 

Fingers crossed the little miss doesn't contract it. 

But I'm not holding my breath.

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