Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wouldn't it be nice

if toddlers could change their own diapers?

Told Vivian we needed to get a clean diaper on before we left the house this afternoon, turned around to do something else quick before changing her, came back into the room and she had everything set up for her change.

Isn't she helpful???

On a side note, we definitely need to work on potty training her, because I do think she's ready. I just struggle with trying to juggle working part-time, shuttling them to MMO and preschool each day, keeping everyone fed, clean and happy, that adding potty-training to the schedule is a little overwhelming. I'm thinking we may do another Thanksgiving week boot camp, where we lock ourselves in the house for five days, put her in big girl underpants, and set the kitchen timer for every 30 minutes with the Signing Time Potty Time DVD playing on a continuous loop. 

Sounds fun, right?

Well, it worked for Owen and he had a number of other issues at the time which luckily Vivian doesn't have, so I'm crossing my fingers it works for her too. She's already doing well, it's just a matter of ditching the diapers and not looking back. 

Here's to not having to buy diapers in 2013!* 
*for Viv

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Wendy Boualem said...

Ohhhh what does the "For Viv" disclaimer at the bottom mean?! Are you planning on buying diapers for someone else?!?!?!?!