Sunday, September 16, 2012

Picture overload: Owen's 4th Birthday party!

We had so much fun hosting Owen's 4th Birthday party at the Ashburn Fire Station! We arrived 30 minutes early to set up the tables and chairs and to decorate a little. Owen was all decked out in his fireman outfit from Grandma & Grandpa. Our guests started arriving and the kids had a ball running up and down the room which was so funny to all us moms. But hey, anything to wear them out so they have a good nap, right?

Once everyone arrived, Firefighter Faith took us outside to check out the ladder truck. She was in the middle of showing Owen the inside of the truck, when an emergency call came over her radio. She didn't have to respond, but her colleagues did - less than 2 minutes later, one of the other trucks in the garage pulled out of the station, lights and sirens, and was on its way to respond to the emergency! It was so exciting!

After the excitement settled, she finished showing the kids the truck. Everyone had a chance to climb through and check out the inside.

The kiddos ran around a little more inside, and then we decided to sing Happy Birthday and cut the cake! We kept the party simple with just cake & ice cream and drinks since it was in the 2-4pm timeframe. We had a small cake for Owen to blow out his candles and make a wish, and then cupcakes to give everyone - chocolate and vanilla - from Wegman's. (Again, kept it simple so that meant Mommy wasn't baking up a storm this year and I will say that even though I have enjoyed it in year's past, it was worth every penny to not have to stress over it this year.) :)

It was a great afternoon and we want to send a huge thank you out to all our friends and family members for helping us celebrate Owen's special day!

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