Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 3 - dinner with our besties

Kelly (who, bless her heart, does this every week since Matt is working on a project in Chicago until the end of the year) and I decided that tonight we should take the kids out to dinner. (You know, to give us a break from waiting on and cleaning up after our children.) So, I found a restaurant that had Kid's Night (Cheeburger Cheeburger) and a playground right outside for letting the kids burn off their excess energy before going home to bathtime & bedtime. Win-win, right?

We met at Kel's house and the kids played outside for a little to kill time before we drove to the restaurant. Vivi enjoyed a Dum-Dum appetizer while playing in the sandbox. Ben texted me a photo of his view:

I texted back: "my view is better :)" with this beauty:

Finally, it was 5pm and the kids were getting hungry from all that play, so we packed them up and headed off to the burger joint. We were prepared. Both ipads were in tow, and Kel had her iphone to add to the mix as well. The kids colored their placemats while we waited for the food, and then once it came, everyone ate and was happy. It was such a fun night. We're planning on doing it more often, it was that much fun. :)

Before calling it a night, we headed over to the Wegman's airplane playground so the kids could run around a little. They loved it, and Kel and I loved the fact that they were all going to go to bed easily for us tonight due to an afternoon full of fun.

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