Friday, October 12, 2012

Vivi's fine motor skills

It's tough not to compare your kids to each other. To us it's interesting seeing as how they are so alike in certain ways, but so completely opposite in others.

For example, when Owen was a baby, he was very vocal but Vivian was so quiet most of the time when she was tiny. Owen talked much earlier than she did, but her fine motor skills were much more sharp at an earlier age than his were.

My mom got Owen this neat set of flash cards - one for ABC's and one for numbers. It came with a dry erase marker that has an eraser on the end. It's for 3-year olds, but of course when Vivi sees her brother doing something, she immediately wants to join in. This afternoon we were playing with them, and I couldn't help but notice her card and how comfortable she is with using the marker.

Mommy's big girl

Maybe it's due to the fact that she's been exposed to the ipad and iphone and Owen wasn't at her age. Who knows. I'm just so proud of her. Wish she'd slow down a little bit, however. I feel like she's growing up too fast!

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