Friday, October 5, 2012

Manicure treat & Katsuya

Rochelle treated us girls to manicures this afternoon. It was such a special treat for all of us to relax, be pampered and enjoy each other's company for a few hours. The boys had baby Elphie for the afternoon. We kept joking about how they were "3 men and a baby". :)

Then we all headed over to the house Chelle's parents rented for the week to have dinner. 3 men and a baby arrived about a half hour after we did.

Rochelle's dad cooked up a Cambodian feast and everything was so delicious. We all downloaded Chelle & Greg's Wedding App (everyone except me and TJ who are not part of the iphone universe yet.) Luckily, our spouses got the app, so we were set to join in on the party.

There's an app for that!

After the party, we decided to try an LA hotspot for a late sushi snack and some fun drinks. Kel's sister Lizzie suggested Katsuya and so we drove into the city to check it out. We immediately felt a little out of place - apparently toting a baby carrier isn't so chic in LA. (I had neglected to tell Liz we were traveling with a 3-mo old. Elphie was such a good baby that sometimes, like when she slept through a meal out, it felt like she wasn't even there!) But Amy put her foot down saying that we needed to go - it had been about a 20-min drive out there and it was getting late. So we swallowed our pride and got our table. 

It ended up being a really great experience! The sushi was AMAZING - best we've ever had. And the atmosphere - filled with the white noise of semi-loud music and lots of conversations around us - kept baby Elphie asleep the entire time in her carrier. We even saw a paparazzi guy sitting with his huge camera right outside the restaurant when we left. (I wanted to get a picture with him, but everyone made fun of me, so I didn't. But I did take a picture of him from afar although you can't really make him out since the photo is blurry.) We didn't see any celebs inside, but maybe he was there to snap some photos of celebs out for a late dinner?

On another note, it's my Dad's Birthday today!!! Happy Birthday from Cali Dad!!! Love you! xoxo

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