Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday funday!

This morning I had to do some work when I woke up, so I sat early riser Owen in front of the TV with Fireman Sam while I got the three offers out to candidates and the proceeding paperwork that goes along with it. Andrea was up next, but her boys were sleepy little men and slept in until about 9am. So she did some laundry and fed Grant, and by then Troy and Wyatt had decided to come down for breakfast and join the party.

We decided to head over to the playground for a bit, and were able to get out the door by 11am armed with cold juiceboxes, water and diaper bags. Trailside was packed with a couple of daycare buses, but the kids still had fun running around and swinging on the swings. We took a drink break, but were still really hot (that mulch really holds in the heat and even though there is partial shade there, it's still like a sauna on a hot summer day). So we thought we'd cool off by driving over to Landsdowne's sprayground.

We got the 3 boys into swimsuits and got over to the sprayground around 12pm which was good probably because it was lunchtime so it wasn't very crowded. The boys enjoyed it, but I was bummed that the fountains were not that active. They only stayed on for a few seconds and then would take forever to come back on. So it was a little frustrating given how hot it was. They served their purpose though and we knew that after 30 minutes the kids were ready to head home for lunch. (Vivi enjoyed a nice little nap in her stroller with the shade up while I sprinkled her arms and legs with water from the evasive fountains.)

We made deli sandwiches for lunch and the kiddies ate together and then we secluded them to separate rooms (yes, we learned a lesson last night) for naps. Vivi, even though she took a little nap at the sprayground, still joined in on the naptime fun, going down for a nap shortly after all 3 boys went down. With Grant in the pack and play in our room, Owen in his room, Vivi in the nursery, and Wyatt in the guest bed (yes, he insisted on sleeping in the big bed and not the toddler air mattress - such a big boy!), us adults (minus Ben who was working - boo!) decided to download pictures and I showed Andrea how to create an album on Facebook to share her pictures since she is kindof slow with Facebook. :)

We hung out on the couch catching up until the kids started waking up - Vivi first, then Owen, then Grant, then sleepy head Wyatt. The rest of the afternoon was spent in the backyard kiddie pool - cold beers in the hands of us parents as we relaxed and enjoyed the family time. Ben got home around 4:30, joined in on happy hour and went straight to work on his specialty - pizza on the grill. Vivi was so warm that I took off her onesie and just let her hang out in her diaper - those rolls need to breathe! At one point Grant pooped in his reusable swim diaper, so Troy and Andrea decided to save some baby wipes and just hose him off instead. Made for a cute family shot:

After drying off, we went inside to escape the heat for a bit. The big boys played with the train table (I think I know what Wyatt wants for Christmas, hint, hint Tony and Dotty!) while Grant and Vivian played with her singing stage and then took airplane rides with Troy. In case you're wondering, Vivi and Grant weight about the same - 20 pounds! He's 14 months, she's 7. She's our big girl! :)

Vivi got her bath early, and off to bed she went. Next it was toddler dinner time and they devoured the pizza. For dessert they had a special treat - Oreo ice cream cake that Troy and Andrea brought! What's summer without ice cream, right?!

It was finally time to dump all three boys into the bathtub to wash off all the pizza and ice cream. They had so much fun that I didn't even try to get them all to look at the camera for a picture - I just snapped this shot of them practicing their letters in the tub. So fun!

The kiddos were in bed by 8:30pm and us adults were free to enjoy our pizza and beverages while we watched Bachelorette together. By the time the show was over we were all ready to hit the hay. It was quite an action-packed day and we had such a fun time together, tantrums and all. We're sad that they head out tomorrow and are already trying to plan the next Taylor/Marshall family get-together. Christmas maybe?

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