Sunday, July 10, 2011

Vivian is 7 months old!

Happy 7 months to our big girl! Here's what she's been up to lately:
  • Drinking 5 6-oz bottles a day, but I can tell we'll soon be down to 4 since she's eating more baby food
  • Holds her own bottle during feedings
  • Has oatmeal and fruit for breakfast and a veggie for dinner (she finished her first entire jar of veggie tonight!)
  • Getting very good at drinking water out of her sippy
  • Tried puffs but may have an allergy to something in them since she developed eczema on her cheeks afterwards; loves Mum-mums and has not shown an allergy to them
  • Taking 3 naps a day still
  • Waking up around 7am and going to bed around 7/7:30pm each night; sleeping through the night
  • Wearing size 4 diapers during the day, size 6 Huggies overnights at night
  • Mainly wearing size 9-mo and 12-mo clothes, but the outfit for her photo shoot tonight was actually an 18-mo outfit - they were supposed to be capris, but were pants for her short little legs :)
  • Loves the bathtub and the pool - has so much fun splashing
  • Still enjoys her exersaucer and LOVES the playmat that my mom sewed for her, although it's not containing her as well as it used to since she's starting to get mobile
  • Loves to turn in circles, roll to get where she wants to go, and scoot backwards - it won't be long before she's really getting around!
  • Just started clapping this weekend - so fun!
  • Making more sounds every day, but still no ma-ma or da-da yet
  • Loves when Owen pays attention to her, but has definitely become more vocal about her feelings when he pushes her or takes a toy away

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