Saturday, July 23, 2011

OC Boardwalk

We decided to head out to dinner early instead of going back out on the beach, since the kids are used to eating early. Dough Roller was the choice for tonight, so we got to enjoy pizza and beers while the kids had a slice and a milk. Then it was time to hit the boardwalk!

We stopped for Polish Water Ice - my favorite - and the babies just LOVED it. Vivi was like a baby bird opening her beak for food when I put the spoon close to her mouth. It was a nice treat for everyone to cool off with given the temperatures.

After that we walked down to the end of the boardwalk where the rides are so that Ben and Molly could take Owen and Nate on the extremely over-priced merry-go-round ($7 per person for a 3-min ride! and you could barely hear the music the thing put out.) The kids had fun though, and that's all that mattered.

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