Wednesday, July 27, 2011


* "O" (as given by his teachers at Kindercare, our former daycare/preschool)
* Mister Owen
* Mister Man
* Stinkerpants
* Mr Love
* Mr Magoo (given by Miss Melissa)

* Vivi
* Miss Vivi
* Vivers
* Viv (Kel and my mom call her this)
* Pretty girl
* Chunk-a-monk (Kel came up with this one)
* Love bug
* Sweetpea
* Baby sister
* and the one that she will probably never be able to shake, her big brother's loving nickname for her: LIVERS!

Ben had started calling her Vivers and Owen all of a sudden just began always referring to his sister as LIVERS. Now, I am positive that he knows that Livers is completely different than Vivers, but it has totally stuck and even though it is kindof annoying sometimes, I think it's pretty cute that he has a special nickname for his sister.


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