Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Taylor family visits!

We've known Troy and Andrea since my parents moved to Florida back when I was a junior in college. We would look forward to visiting Florida over the holidays to hang out with them and even took our Babymoon together when we were both expecting our firsts. Wyatt was born 10 days before Owen and they became fast friends. We always have fun together and so when they said they would be passing through Virginia on their way to New York for vacation and Andrea's niece's baptism, we told them to come visit and stay a few days.

Wyatt, Grant, Vivi and Owen before bedtime

They arrived Sunday evening and joined us for the tail end of the water polo reunion. The little babies went to sleep around 7:30pm, but Wyatt and Owen got to stay up late. They played in Owen's pool, they pushed trains around the train table, and they ran around the playroom while us parents caught up a bit. Finally we decided we should try to put them to bed. We had borrowed an air mattress for Wyatt from Kel and Matt, so we set that up in Owen's room next to his toddler bed. We thought we could let them watch Cars on Troy's portable DVD player in Owen's room in hopes that they would just fall asleep watching it since it was late at that point. It was set up and we kissed them goodnight and snapped a picture of their first sleepover.

Then we all grabbed drinks and gathered on the couch to watch the two of them on the video monitor. We had fun catching up while the boys watched Cars, but after an hour and a half we figured the movie had to be finished, yet they were still talking and watching the DVD player. At one point they had started pushing buttons, so it was our guess they rewound it a bit and got more viewing time - such the little devils. So I finally went up and took it away and kissed them goodnight yet again. They actually fell asleep pretty easily, so after another half hour or so we parents figured it was safe to head off to bed ourselves. By then it was past 11pm.

Around 1:30am I woke up to "Mommy! Mommmmmmmy!!!" on the monitor, so I nudged Ben to wake him up and ask him to look at the monitor. He reached over and handed me his cell phone. Another minute and he finally was awake enough to look at the monitor to see that Owen was asleep in his bed, but Wyatt had abandoned the air mattress. We found out in the morning that he had been banging on the door and Andrea pulled him into their bed for the rest of the night. Owen is such a heavy sleeper that he wasn't bothered by it, but unfortunately for me he woke up at 6am the next morning.

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