Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween playdate

Today after Mom's Morning Out, we met up with our friends Hunter, Matthew, and Austin (plus Mommies and siblings) for a Halloween playdate that Hunter's Mommy had organized. The weather didn't quite cooperate, as it started sprinkling, then raining, on our way over to the playground. But luckily there was a covered pavilion where we could eat our picnic lunches and the kids didn't mind playing in the rain for a little while. The boys loved the Halloween cupcakes that Hunter and his Mom made. Owen had 1 & 1/2! :)

They were so worn out from all the playtime that they both took great naps this afternoon. When they woke up we took another quick trip to the library to get some more DVDs since they're calling for rain tomorrow too. Owen's field trip to Great Country Farms is likely going to be cancelled, so that's a bummer.

So after getting home from the library we just played with the train table and watched a few DVD's together, and before we knew it we were all hungry for dinner. After dinner it was bath and bedtime for Vivian, and Owen was such a good boy watching a show downstairs by himself while Mommy put Vivi down. Vivi is having so much fun crawling up the stairs each night when we go up for bath. She's practicing walking, and loves to walk holding your fingertips, but hasn't taken a step on her own yet. I predict it will be soon though!

After Vivi was snug in her crib, Owen and I did his Goodnight Moon puzzle and read a few books and then was time for Owen's bedtime. Finally Mommy gets some quiet time to herself.

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